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Recipe Prediction by Color Gamut

Investigation of the Possibilities of Reuse of Fiber / Coil Dyeing Wastewater Containing Dyestuffs and Auxiliaries without Treatment, Establishment of Recipe Prediction Models According to Color Gamut

New Cotton

Demonstration And Launch Of High Performance, Biodegradable, Regenerated New Cotton Textiles To Consumer Markets Through An İnnovative, Circular Supply Chain Using Infinited Fiber Technology


Production of Biobased or Biodegradable Blended Yarns and Investigation of Their Utilization Performance

Rpet Fiber Production Plant

A typical RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) fiber production plant is a facility that specializes in the manufacturing of polyester fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles.

Sapling Plant Project

Thanks to our project, which aims to bring 100 thousand saplings to the soil every year in Kahramanmaraş, we will leave both nature and green space for future generations. 

Efficient Steam Boiler Commissioning

A 30% more efficient boiler system was commissioned and CO2 emissions were measured online in the flue gas treatment system with fully automatic combustion efficiency control. Inefficient boilers with old technology (65%) installed for the steam and hot water needed by the dyeing and finishing plants were replaced with high efficiency (95%) fully automated boilers with online measurement control of flue gas, aiming to use less coal per unit steam.

KİPAŞ Paper Waste Incineration Facility with Biomass

Coal consumption has been reduced by burning alternative wastes according to the following scenarios.

In this way, the same energy was provided with 58% less coal usage. Currently, it has been in the process of commissioning biomass combustion boilers in Batı Kipaş for 2 years and in Center Paper Enterprise.

Completely eliminate the use of coal in the high-temperature hot oil boiler used in the drying, pre-fixation

It was aimed to completely eliminate the use of coal in the high-temperature hot oil boiler used in the drying, pre-fixation and finishing processes in the dye finishing system and to transform it into natural gas machines with more efficiency and cleaner emissions.
• Stenter Machines
• Thermosol Machines
• Printing Machine
• Pentek Touch machine

The old hot oil boiler was closed and the heating systems of the machines in operation were renewed and converted with natural gas.

Corporate Carbon Footprint Reporting Project

Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 inventory tracking and calculation software process work has started in accordance with TS EN ISO 14064-1:2019 Corporate Carbon Foot Standards.
Data calculated from 2023 will be shared in 2024.
In this way, our data will be recorded transparently and our performance in achieving our goals will be constantly disclosed to the world online.