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Carbon Free Kipaş Innocence


"Innocence is the brand of Kipaş Tekstil's Sustainability efforts."

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Kipas Non-Denim Facility

The history of Kipaş Holding goes back to Kahramanmaraş İplik Pamuk A.Ş., which was established in 1984. With its 40 years of experience, Kipaş Holding has adopted quality in production, experience in human resources, productivity and harmony in marketing, unconditional customer satisfaction, respect for the environment and people, investment in advanced technology, innovation and dynamism as its basic mission.

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Kipas Denim Facility

Fabric production facilities affiliated with Kipaş Holding, have a rich product portfolio that includes fabrics produced from all fiber groups, especially cotton and our Fabric Production Line that has 120.000 m² closed area, 700 weaving machines, and 1500 experienced employees, annually produce 35 million meters of non-denim and 50 million meters of denim fabric. Kipaş Tekstil, the leader of the textile industry, has succeeded to make a name among the leading suppliers of the world by exporting 60% of the fabrics it produces. Kipaş fabric facilities, which have a wide range of products including trousers, shirting and

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Leading BCI Project

As Kipaş Textiles, we care about quality and customer satisfaction, we produce sustainable and renewable production resources and certified products such as Better Cotton (BCI), GRS, GEC, OEKO-TEX and GOTS at international standards.

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Kipas Innovation Center

Kipaş R&D Center, which started to operate in 2015, is proud to be the first R&D Center in Kahramanmaraş, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Our R&D Center affiliated with Kipaş Tekstil, with projects and investments in research and development is among the top 250 companies in R & D activities in Turkey.

Launch of Innocence Approach

Sustainable Development Goals are key to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone. We address global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, and peace and justice. As Kipaş Holding, we attach great importance to achieve these global goals, we take the responsibility to find collaborative and more community-oriented ways not only to survive, but also to develop. We acknowledge the SDGs, direct our actions and processes accordingly, and follow universally accepted ways and standards for developing and healthy longevity.

Kipas Sustainability Team of

We have teamed up to protect the planet, stop global warming and promote social development without endangering life on Earth and leaving anyone behind.

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UNIFI and KIPAS Strategic Partnership

Kipas entered a strategic partnership with Unifi Company for the supply of REPREVE®. 

REPREVE® is a fiber produced from used %100 PET bottles

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We supply from Australia and Brazil

Reduce the use of chemical inputs,Use of biological products to control pest and disease,Use of non-chemically treated fertilizers,Soil covered with decomposed plants,Zero tillage,Soil decompaction,composting,traceability at every stage of production.

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Recycling Facility Investment

Through our very own RCO100 tech, We offer a variety of 100% recycled cotton products allowing us to cater specifically to your needs. Our 100% recycled cotton variants include wovens in the form of denim, chino, oxford and flannel shirting. Furthermore, we offer 100% recycled cotton knits such as single jersey, french terry and polo piquet.

Our main goal is developing new Technologies and processes about efficiency and sustainability on every step of production for our future generation. We can produce pre-consumer and postconsumer fibers. Current Capacity 10 tons/day. With additional investment will be 30 tons/day.

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Recycling Polyester Investment

In addition, our collaborations continue in the "Pet to Textile" and "Textile to Textile" innovative recycling fiber projects.

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Regenative Cotton Production

We have started the field preparation process required for regenerative fiber production.