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CO2 gas utilization in Waste Water Treatment Plants

Carbon Free Kipaş Projects CO2 gas utilization in Waste Water Treatment Plants

About the project

  • Date: 26 Oct 2023
  • Status: Completed

Development of Ecological Production Methods by Utilizing CO2 Gas in Waste Water Treatment Plants (for pH Balance)

The project covers the liquefaction of CO2 gas for neutralization processes in biological wastewater treatment plants, instead of 98% H2SO4 acid, which is very dangerous and harmful to neutralize wastewater with pH: 12-13 levels before treatment, instead of the highly dangerous and harmful 98% H2SO4 acid used to neutralize the wastewater, CO2 gas is liquefied and used for neutralization processes.
Sulfuric acid, which is an inorganic acid, accumulates in nature after use due to its SO4 (Sulfate) content, which is very harmful to nature. The risks of sulfuric acid to human health in terms of occupational health and safety are quite high. Working conditions are quite difficult. It requires constant care and attention in storage, transmission, pumping and maintenance operations.
While searching for weak acid types as an alternative, studies on the use of CO2 gas in neutralization processes in textile wastewater were examined. Finally, it was suggested that CO2 gas can be used in the neutralization of wastewater with close to zero risk.
Pilot scale trials have been carried out on methods for obtaining CO2 from waste flue gas under current market conditions and the feasibility has been demonstrated.