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Recipe Prediction by Color Gamut

Carbon Free Kipaş Projects Recipe Prediction by Color Gamut

About the project

  • Date: 26 Oct 2023
  • Status: Completed

Investigation of the Possibilities of Reuse of Fiber / Coil Dyeing Wastewater Containing Dyestuffs and Auxiliaries without Treatment, Establishment of Recipe Prediction Models According to Color Gamut

Within the scope of the project, flotte solutions containing dyestuffs used in the dyeing of cotton yarns and auxiliary chemicals such as salt, caustic, soda, ion trap were preserved in different tanks without being sent to waste, and the necessary additions were made to these flotte solutions in the next dyeing processes and used in dyeing with the same color gamut. 

Within the scope of these studies, dirty wastewater, which is harmful to the environment, was recycled without restriction of use, thus preventing pollution of the nature to a great extent and saving dyestuff and auxiliary chemicals, contributing to the national and world economy while taking measures to protect the natural balance.