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Ecological Indigo

Carbon Free Kipaş Projects Ecological Indigo

About the project

  • Date: 26 Oct 2023
  • Status: Completed

Development of an Ecological Indigo Dyeing Method

With the developments in technology, the economic superiority of synthetic dyes over natural dyes obtained by traditional methods has reduced the use of natural dyes and natural dyes have become used only for traditional textile applications. However, this situation has led to the deterioration of the ecological balance. Therefore, in the face of the dangers posed by chemical dyes in terms of human health and environmental health, there is a tendency to use dyes obtained from natural dye sources instead of these dyes. The increase in the conscious consumption perception of producers and society and their respectful and common sense attitude towards nature have been effective on this result. In addition, cleaner production is a production strategy that has economic returns as well as eco-efficiency and environmental benefits. This study covers the development of a natural dyeing method with natural Indigo dyestuff obtained from Indigo Tinctoria plant instead of synthetic indigo dyestuffs used in the current market.